One-time fee

DR-WALTER Blocked Account
The blocked account for your stay in Germany

  • Meets all visa requirements
  • Officially approved confirmation after 3-5 working days
  • One-time fee of € 49, plus € 5 monthly
  • In cooperation with Expatrio
Open blocked account

Who is DR-WALTER Blocked Account for?

  • Studenten
  • Language students
  • PhD students
  • Visitors from abroad
  • Work and travel participants
  • Au pairs
  • Job seekers
  • Exchange students
  • Accompanying relatives

A blocked account (Sperrkonto in German) is a special account that you often need to apply for your visa or residence permit in Germany. With our Blocked Account, you prove that you have the financial means to pay for your studies or residency.

You can easily open our blocked account online from abroad in just a few minutes. In cooperation with Expatrio, we offer a complete digital process that is officially approved by the Ger-man Federal Foreign Office and accepted by all embassies and consulates.

You will receive the confirmation of the account opening in less than 24 hours after applying, and the complete documents within 24 hours after the money has arrived on your individual blocked account.

DR-WALTER Blocked Account at a glance

1 to 12 months (Extension possible)
Many deposit options
Only €49 set-up fee plus €5 per month
Age limit
from 18 years
Money-back guarantee
Cancellation in case of visa refusal free of charge
Insured region
Conclusion of contract
Opening blocked account in own name
Opening confirmation
Within 24 hours
Officially approved by Federal Foreign Office

Blocked Account by DR-WALTER and Expatrio


At, we offer health insurance for many different types of travel, as well as other ways to cover your stay abroad.

DR-WALTER has been supporting visiting foreign nationals in Germany for over 60 years and with Blocked Account, we want to make it a little easier for you to prove you have the necessary financial means. For this purpose, we work together with a strong partner: Expatrio Global Services GmbH. The Expatrio team consists of experienced and dedicated experts both in the field of digital relocation and the topic of studying and working abroad. To ensure that your blocked account is administratively and legally secure, Expatrio works with MANGOPAY, an escrow agent and payment provider.

Over the years, more than 99% of our customers have given us top marks for our insurance policies and services. Read the last 10 reviews here. You can find over 300 other positive customer reviews (German) at




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“Einen Online-Antrag auszufüllen, könnte nicht einfacher und schneller sein.…“ weiterlesen

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“Bis jetzt bin ich sehr glücklich wie schnell und einfach und übersichtlich…“ weiterlesen

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