Your advantages with Protect

With our supplementary Protect package, you are comprehensively covered.  Personal liability, accident, baggage and assistance insurance offer you protection 24 hours a day.

Protect not only protects you while you are at work (e.g. studying, research work), but also during your free time.

Often a small carelessness is enough to cause an enormous financial burden.

A few practical examples:

  • Personal liability insurance: While playing soccer, your teammate's glasses are hit and broken.
  • Accident insurance: You fall down the stairs and are seriously injured. The accident has serious physical and financial consequences.
  • Baggage insurance: You go on a weekend trip with your friends and your bag is stolen. Your wallet, new cell phone and even your passport are gone. 
  • Assistance insurance: Your grandpa has passed away unexpectedly and you want to fly home for his funeral. 

We therefore always recommend taking out a supplementary insurance package comprising personal liability, accident, baggage and assistance insurance. All these insurances are included in the two Protect insurance packages.

Our Protect package is valid worldwide and thus offers you protection everywhere abroad.

Personal liability insurance is one of the most important insurances in Germany. If you injure someone (e.g. hit them with your bike) or accidentally damage another person's property (e.g. your friend's cell phone falls down), you are liable with all your private assets. This can be very expensive! 

Liability insurance not only provides you with protection for personal injury and/or property damage, but also defends you against unjustified claims if, for example, you are wrongly accused of something.

Protect includes comprehensive personal liability insurance that protects for damage during work and in your free time. 

Many students do an internship during their studies. How quickly it happens that expensive work material falls down and gets broken during the internship. Protect Complete protects you from expensive costs in this case! The supplementary package includes not only personal liability insurance, but also intern liability insurance. 

Scratches in the laminate, a crack in the sink, red wine stains in the permanently installed carpet: Something can quickly break in a rented apartment or student room. Such damage is called rental property damage. Without personal liability insurance, this can be expensive. Many landlords therefore require proof of private liability insurance.
Our Protect packages include personal liability insurance including protection for rental property damage. 

Accident insurance protects you against the medical and financial consequences of an accident.

How quickly a skiing accident happens. You are speeding down the mountain and fall. A rescue helicopter takes you to the nearest hospital where, thanks to medical care, your severe injuries heal quickly. However, you are left with scars on your face and you are also unable to move your arm properly. Your health insurance will no longer cover these follow-up costs. In such cases, accident insurance provides protection for cosmetic surgery and, depending on the severity of the impairment to your arm (degree of disability), a cash benefit.

Protect includes accident insurance so that you are also fully protected against the consequences of an accident, whether during sports, leisure activities or at work. 


We do not only care about your health insurance, we also have your baggage at heart.  If you take your laptop or your expensive mobile phone on vacation, baggage insurance is highly recommended. Pure baggage insurance is relatively expensive. If you choose one of the additional insurances, you will not only get baggage insurance, but also liability, accident and assistance insurance at a low price.

Assistance insurance provides you with readily available advice and information services in an emergency. These are designed to help you immediately, for example, if 

  • you are seriously ill and a parent wants to travel,
  • money has been stolen from you or
  • you need legal advice on difficult issues as well as referral to a lawyer.

Protect includes assistance insurance and provides you with immediate help in an emergency.