Your advantages from PROVISIT

What are the main aspects to know regarding insurance cover for your temporary stay in Germany or Europe? We have compiled a list for you that includes the key advantages of PROVISIT.

Advantage 1: Perfect insurance cover for Schengen visa

Visitors from countries requiring a visa who apply for a Schengen visa are well advised with PROVISIT. The insurance combination PROVISIT fully complies with all requirements of the Council of the European Union. The policy provides unlimited coverage of medical costs, thus exceeding the required coverage of 30,000 euros.

Advantage 2: Insurance coverage meets official standards

Insurances for foreign guests need to fulfill many requirements. Some of the specifications which have to be observed are the regulations of the European Commission, the “Freizügigkeitsverordnung/EG” and Germany’s right of residence. Besides other specifications, PROVISIT meets these regulations and has established itself as a reliable and approved product.

Advantage 3: Ideal insurance in case of prolonged stay

PROVISIT offers a special plus: The insurance combination can be concluded up to 12 months after the entry. Due to these conditions, PROVISIT can be concluded in the following cases:

  • as a connecting insurance to a travel health insurance from abroad,
  • as a connecting insurance to a short-term travel health insurance form another German provider,
  • as an insurance needed for a visa prolongation if the conclusion of a travel health insurance was missed earlier.

Advantage 4: Coverage in Europe

PROVISIT insurants can arrange their stay abroad flexibly. Without any concerns and restrictions, they can travel to Germany and all other countries of the European Union (EU) as well as to Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatikan City.

Advantage 5: Health insurance without deductible

"Deductible" means that the insured person is obliged to cover a part of the treatment expenses. For example, a "deductible of €25 per insured event" means that you have to pay €25 of the medical bill yourself in each case of illness. The health insurance of PROVISIT does not comprise a deductible.

Advantage 6: Easy to purchase online with immediate confirmation

It only takes a few minutes to purchase PROVISIT through our secure server. You will then receive the following documents:

  • an insurance certificate for your records and for submission to public authorities, as well as
  • an "Ärzte-Info-Ticket" (medical info card) for direct billing with the physician.

Advantage 7: Stay informed with our safety app - always and everywhere

Get DR-WALTER’s brand new safety app MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT for one year. After receipt of your password, you can download the app to your smartphone for free. This way, you will benefit from a wide range of information during your travels: push notifications about security issues, local news, direct dialing of emergency numbers and tracking services.

Advantage 8: Direct billing with doctors and hospitals

You will receive a medical info card (Ärzte-Info-Ticket) together with your insurance certificate. If you provide this ticket to your doctor or to the hospital, we can settle the billing directly with the doctor or the hospital.

Advantage 9: Includes insurance cover for children

Children and adolescent persons can be enrolled under the PROVISIT insurance plan. For children under 6 years, insurance can only be effected if the accompanying legal guardian is also insured under the PROVISIT tariff.

Advantage 10: Exact insurance period calculated to the day

After expiry of the period applied for, insurance coverage will end automatically. Should you return early from your stay abroad, the insurance can be terminated exactly to the day from the beginning of the second month. A phone call or an email is sufficient. We will then calculate your exact premium depending on the number of days you stayed abroad.

Advantage 11: Insurance prolongation possible

If you prolong your stay in Germany, you can extend your insurance provided your request for extension reaches us by phone or email prior to the date of expiry of the existing insurance coverage. In case of extension of insurance, insurance does not cover events that took place prior to the request for extension.

Advantage 12: Coverage during holidays abroad

Insurance coverage also includes worldwide trips and stays abroad, including your home country, up to a maximum duration of 6 weeks. In case of a stay of more than 6 weeks, insurance covers only the first 6 weeks. Flight tickets, railway tickets or stamps in the passport can be used to verify the duration of the holiday.

Advantage 13: One-stop solution

With PROVISIT, you have exactly one contact partner. Consultancy, contract handling, payment processing and claims settlement will be dealt with by our staff.

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