What does "cover of 30,000 euros" mean for international health insurance?

If you want to enter Germany or Europe as a citizen of a non-European country, you usually have to apply for a visa. When applying for a visa, you must provide proof of health insurance that meets certain conditions. These conditions were laid down by the Council of the European Union in 2009.

These conditions include, among other things, a prescribed sum insured of 30,000 euros. This means that the health insurance company undertakes to pay up to 30,000 euros in the event of an insured event.

It's for your own financial safety

In this context, "insured event" means: if a visitor needs medical treatment of any kind during their stay in Germany or Europe - or if they die. No, it's not a pleasant topic, but this kind of thing also needs regulation. If someone dies during their stay, e.g. in an accident, then someone has to pay for the repatriation costs. Depending on the country of origin, these can be very high. This is one of the reasons why the required minimum sum insured is 30,000 euros.

Also not desirable, but not excluded, is the case of patient transportation. This could be helicopter rescue in the event of accidents in areas that are difficult to access, or medically accompanied patient transportation back to the home country. Few of us can simply conjure the money for such measures out of our pockets.

Many different international health insurance policies are offered on the Internet. When taking out insurance, make sure that you have a minimum cover of 30,000 euros if you need proof of international health insurance for your visa application.

We recommend Provisit Visum

Provisit Visum is an international health insurance specially designed for visitors from abroad who require a visa. It of course meets all the requirements of the visa authorities, including the minimum sum insured of 30,000 euros. You can take out Provisit Visum for all types of trips lasting up to 180 days.

Further advantages of Provisit Visum: There is no monthly fee, but it is charged per day. This means you only pay for the number of days your stay lasts. Provisit Visum can be canceled on a daily basis - if you return earlier than expected, you will be refunded any overpayments without additional fees.

More information about Provisit Visum, as well as the option to take out Provisit Visum quickly and easily online, can be found here.