Germany's new "Skilled Immigration Act": important changes for students from third countries

The "Skilled Immigration Act" has been in place since November 2023. The German government wants to do something about the shortage of skilled workers in Germany. There are many innovations in the Skilled Immigration Act, some of which also affect students from abroad.

1. Students from third countries can work more

Previously, students from third countries were allowed to work part-time, but for no longer than 120 full working days or 240 half days per year. 

With the new Skilled Immigration Act, students from third countries are allowed to work 140 full days or 280 half days per year. An employment of 4 hours or less per day is considered a half working day. If the employment lasts between 4 and 8 hours, this is considered a full working day. Employment of up to 20 hours per week is also permitted. 

2. Part-time employment now also possible during study preparation

Previously, students from third countries who participated in a preparatory study program only could work during the lecture-free period and needed the approval of the employment agency and the immigration authority. These restrictions no longer apply. Now you can work during the preparatory course in the same way as regular students.

3. Part-time employment now also possible while looking for a place to study

Persons from third countries have the opportunity to visit Germany in order to apply for a place at a German university. This also applies to applications for a preparatory college or other study preparation measures.

As far as working part-time is concerned, the same restrictions previously applied as for study preparation. These are now also no longer applicable. This means that persons from third countries can now work in the same way as enrolled students while they are looking for a place to study.

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As of April 2024