Your advantages with Provisit Student

Insurances for foreign guests have to meet many requirements. Some of the specifications which need to be given attention to are the regulations of the European Commission, the “Freizügigkeitsverordnung/EG” and Germany’s right of residence. Provisit Student meets the regulatory requirements in several ways.

1. For your entry: The statutory or private comprehensive health insurance for students does not begin until the start of studies. However, many students from abroad arrive a few days before the start of their studies and need health insurance from the time they enter the country until they enroll. We give you the Free Travel Health Insurance. Provisit Student in combination with the Free Travel Health Insurance is a private health insurance that is accepted worldwide for student visa applications at embassies and consulates.

2. Für your studies: Students need a statutory or private comprehensive health insurance. Provisit Student is a private comprehensive health insurance and corresponds in scope to the protection of the statutory health insurance and the requirements of the immigration authorities.

3. For the time after your studies: With Provisit Student, you enjoy the same privileges as German citizens. You automatically remain insured in the German social security system and are treated in the same way as any German national.

Provisit Student is an affordable alternative to the statutory health insurance, especially for people who will soon celebrate their 30th birthday or are already 30 years or older.

Provisit Student has individual premiums for different age groups, but can be taken out by people of any age.

Provisit Student is a health insurance, which you can extend to provide comprehensive coverage by adding the ‘Protect Standard’ or ‘Complete’ package. Accident, liability, baggage and assistance insurance protect you in your free time, but also during your studies.

Most German health insurance policies can only be purchased with a German bank account and an address in Germany. You can also apply for Provisit Student from abroad. Insurance starts from the date of entry. Simply submit any missing data after your arrival in Germany.

Many traveling students require a visa for their stay in Germany and therefore proof of having German health insurance. With Provisit Student, you will receive proof of insurance immediately after submitting the online application. The insurance solution is accepted at all consulates, embassies and immigration authorities.

If you do not have a German bank account yet, you can still purchase our Provisit Student insurance policy before you enter the country. Just provide us with your bank data after your arrival so that we can activate the insurance and start the monthly debit.

Many benefits, such as dental cleaning or a glasses allowance, are not covered by providers of statutory health insurance. With Provisit Student, many benefits are included:

  • An allowance of €150 for your new glasses or contact lenses every two years,
  • Daily hospital allowance,
  • Convalescence allowance.

Providers of statutory health insurance only cover the costs of treatment by statutory health insurance physicians. Our private comprehensive health insurance policy Provisit Student also reimburses bills from private physicians. If you have private insurance, you can get an appointment with the doctor quickly and do not have to wait as long on site.

With private health insurance policies such as Provisit Student, you do not have to make co-payments for medicines. Providers of statutory health insurance often charge up to €10 for prescription drugs.

If you contract COVID-19 during your trip, Provisit Student provides protection. The policy covers the medical treatment as a result of a coronavirus infection.

If you have an accident in Germany and a medically necessary return transport to your home country is ordered by a doctor, this can quickly cost a lot of money (often more than €15,000). Providers of compulsory health insurance do not cover such costs. Provisit Student covers return transports.

Many people wish to be buried in their home country after their death. A transport of mortal remains can be very expensive and is not covered by compulsory health insurance. In the event of death, we work with selected partners who ensure burial in Germany or transport of mortal remains to the home country according to different religions and world views.

Provisit Student does not only cover your research stay in Germany but also has you covered during trips to your home country or while vacationing in general. It offers unlimited insurance coverage within Europe and up to four weeks per insurance year outside Europe.

Would you like to work a part-time job while you study? Provisit Student also offers you health insurance coverage in this case. However, we recommend that you clarify with your employer whether social insurance is compulsory.

You can purchase our policy Provisit Student for up to 5 years. If you stay in Germany for a longer period of time, you will automatically change to an unlimited insurance.