is now!

More than 100,000 satisfied customers have already taken out our provision insurance, which we offered on the previous website "". However, in order to meet your demands and needs in terms of securing your time abroad, we have endeavored to consistently develop our provision insurance and make it even better.

Only the Name Will Change!

Formerly known as Provisit insurance, the service is now called "Provisit Germany". Provisit Germany offers foreign guests the perfect all-around protection for their stay abroad; also ideal for Schengen visas. Here you will find our Provisit Germany service – at exactly the same price and with the usual services!

What's new with our Provisit insurance?

  • Provisit is now also available for Germans who travel abroad, not only for guests from abroad as before.
  • Provisit is now even more precisely tailored to your needs. Provisit now covers further types of travel, so you can get exactly the coverage you need.
  • Up until now, Provisit was ideal as a supplement to existing health insurance, or as insurance for foreign guests without their own health insurance. Now, Provisit is also available as private full health insurance for students and academics, which meets all the requirements of universities, authorities, and organizations for full health insurance.

And that's not all!

At DR-WALTER, we have been working in the field of health and financial protection for travelers for over 60 years, and we use our experience to continuously improve our insurance. Here at, we will keep presenting you with new ways to secure your stay abroad.