Health insurance for foreign interns in Germany

If you come to Germany to do an internship here, you must have health insurance. This is required by German law. For your visa application you have to prove that you have a health insurance that is accepted in Germany, too. But which health insurance is the right one for you and your internship? We would like to explain that to you here.

The health insurance from your home country

Depending on which country you come from, it may be that the health insurance from your home country is accepted during your internship here in Germany. To be on the safe side, you should check with your health insurance company before you start your internship in Germany.

In addition, you should also check with the provider of your internship job whether your health insurance is sufficient for the internship.

Health insurance for the study-accompanying practical course

If you do an internship during your studies in Germany, you are usually covered by your student health insurance.

Health insurance for the preparatory internship

Some degree programs in Germany require a preparatory internship. This is an internship that you do not do during your studies, but before. You should know this: If you do a pre-study internship in Germany to qualify for a degree program, you are not an enrolled student. This means that you cannot take out student insurance at a reduced rate.

The same applies, by the way, if you take a language course in Germany that prepares you for your studies. And as long as you are not enrolled as a student at a university, you need a private health insurance.

Study abroad, internship in Germany

What if you do an internship in Germany while studying at a university abroad? In this case, too, the following applies: If you stay in Germany for a longer period of time, you must have health insurance. Since you are enrolled at a university, you usually have health insurance.

It is again a question of whether your health insurance is accepted in Germany. If not, you need a private health insurance.

Voluntary internships

Besides the mandatory internships, which are part of the course of study, you can do voluntary internship in Germany. For those, we also recommend to take out a private health insurance.

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