Health insurance for foreign students in Germany over 30 years

All students in Germany must have health insurance. This also applies to students from abroad. If you do not have health insurance, or if the health insurance from your home country is not accepted in Germany, you should take out health insurance in Germany.

As an international student, you need health insurance not only for your own health and financial protection. You also need it to apply for a visa and to enroll at the university.

With the public German health insurances, the "statutory health insurances", you get a favorable student rate. But only if you are under 30 years old. If you are 30 or older, you will no longer get the student rate. You could then pay the standard rate of the public health insurance, but it is very costly.

We recommend Provisit Student

We have made our comprehensive health insurance Provisit Student for exactly this group of foreign students. If you are a student in Germany and are 30 or older, Provisit Student is the ideal insurance for you.

Provisit Student is affordable and offers very good benefits. You can take out Provisit Student for up to 5 years. If you stay longer in Germany, you can switch to a permanent health insurance after that. 

An advantage that no comparable private student insurance offers is the maximum age: Provisit Student has no age limitation.

What does "comprehensive health insurance" mean?

Our Provisit Student is a so-called "private, substitutive comprehensive health insurance". What does that mean?

1) Provisit Student is a private insurance policy. There are two different types of health insurance in Germany: statutory and private. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of insurance here. Important for you to know: If you want to study in Germany and are not yet 30 years old, we recommend that you take out statutory insurance. If you are 30 or older, Provisit Student is the right insurance for you.

2) Provisit Student is an officially recognized "substitute" for statutory health insurance - hence the word "substitutive". For you, this means that Provisit Student is guaranteed to be recognized by all universities and authorities - because it is equivalent to statutory health insurance.

3) "Comprehensive health insurance" refers to health insurance that provides the same benefits as statutory health insurance. This applies in particular to benefits such as preventive medical check-ups or dental prostheses. In contrast, standard travel health insurance, for example, only covers the bare essentials.